Decolonial Subversions
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Ethical Protocol

The platform welcomes contributions from everyone in the world; however, it reserves the right to decline submissions that do not conform to its general decolonial stance and expectations of research rigour. Prospective authors are requested to read the About Us section and the Basic Manifesto of the platform carefully and consider whether their own epistemological and methodological approaches fulfil the criteria of transparency and openness expected by the platform. The platform also reserves the right to decline contributions that are disrespectful, blatantly biased and unbalanced in their analyses, or that foster polarisation and incite violence against certain groups or people.

Decolonial research reflexivity is a key component of the platform’s acceptance guidelines. This essentially means that researchers need to acknowledge historical racialism and ethnocentrism in scholarship, be cognisant of the epistemological system from which research proceeds, and avoid ethnocentric assumptions about the topic of research in contexts they are not deeply knowledgeable about. Contributors submitting original research papers are also called upon to carefully consider the following: potential inequalities existing between them and their research participants; the role of their identities and personhood in research and data analysis; and the composition of research teams, including dynamics that may lead to certain members being favoured over others. The contributions of all research team members should be accurately acknowledged in all work submitted to the platform.

Prospective manuscripts must also demonstrate that they fulfil our standards of reflexive ethics and, where pertinent, they must demonstrate how good research and data-management procedures have been put into practice when interacting with human individuals; this applies to all types and modes of research, including audio and visual contributions.

While all submissions must agree with the general decolonial stance of Decolonial Subversions, the views expressed in the contributions are those of the authors alone and may or may not reflect those of the Editors, the Editorial Board or the larger team of Decolonial Subversions.