Decolonial Subversions

Decolonial Subversions is a free-of-charge, fully open access platform. We believe that knowledge is a basic right that should be freely accessible to anybody.

Crucially, when knowledge is made profitable, widespread and systemic hierarchies are reaffirmed and exacerbated in a vicious cycle. Selected knowledge systems pertaining to specific parties become widespread and dominant in view of these parties’ economic advantage; while, in turn, the very same hegemonic knowledge systems serve to reinforce the economic supremacy of these parties.

In order to break this vicious cycle, Decolonial Subversions is entirely free. There are, however, obvious operational costs, which the Team Members cannot sustain without financial support, even as they currently contribute their time and services voluntarily.

Thus, Decolonial Subversions must rely on the generosity of its readers and benefactors.

If you enjoy accessing the content of this platform and support the ideas and principles of Decolonial Subversions, please consider donating.

For donations, please visit this page again in a few months’ time... While we are setting up a secure donations portal, continue enjoying Visual, Written and Acoustic decolonial subversions!

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